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Wake up with a laugh every Monday morning from 7am with Sherina, Tom & Frenchy on 89.7 PBAFM.

Sherina, Tom & Frenchy

Additional Information

The Sherina, Tom & Frenchy show is a breakfast program at PBAFM that broadcasts every Monday from 7am.

After the departure of the previous breakfast team 'The Herds'  Tom filled in for the time-slot solo before Sherina decided to jump on board. 28th May 2018 the Tom & Sherina trial show kicked off however for a bit of fun they called themselves Tom & Sherry (like Tom & Jerry)... But that didn't last long.

Two weeks after the trial show Tom & Sherina landed the Monday breaky slot permanently. Since then they've interviewed many musicians, snatched a small following and have created memorable weekly content for on air and the socials. 

Jarrod French or as we like to call him 'Frenchy' joined the show around five weeks after episode one. Jarrods constructs the podcasts for the listeners every week (in record time under 1hr) and chimes in with some quality content. He is now officially apart of the show after rebranding the Tom & Sherina show to Sherina, Tom & Frenchy. 

Follow our Facebook page Tom & Sherina for all latest content and please get involved with the show by messaging us. If there is any events you would like us to be apart of or host feel free to shoot us a message on our page or through this website. 

Tom Aldred

"I have always wanted to do breakfast radio and follow the footsteps of my idols. I couldn't be happier with the team I work with"


Our podcasts are available on SoundCloud & iTunes. They're only the latest three episodes so if you're interested in listening to either our trial or any other episodes just contact me and I'll send them through!


Man performs helicopter penis at Maccas

Someone decided to get his Mcsasuage out and do the old helicopter trick

It got a bit windy in the studio

The weather man didn't warn us for this..

The titanic 2 is happening!

Well after the first one, would you get on the titanic 2? 

Drunk birds

Couple of drunk birds knocking down some berries.. what of it?

Drive thru funerals? Say what!

Have you heard of drive thru funerals? Insane.. but true.

Baby shredder

Now this is how you can lose money...

Just imagine

Sometimes in life you got to sit back and just imagine.. No matter what time of the morning it is

What is happening?

Sherina with another impression, Frenchy tells us something completely irrelevant & Tom has no idea what is going on! 


I think Frenchy had a VERY ok day....

Dating is just a fantasy

Is being single more expensive?

Having phones in school?

What do ya reckon? Is it okay to use your phone in school?

Have you ever headbutted your mum?

Long shot.. but have you ever headbutted your mum because she took something off you?

The great poet off

Tom & Sherina battle it out for the great poet off! Who will win?

Two men sneak out of nursing home to attend a festival

You are NEVER to old to go to a festival! Just check out these 2 blokes that left their nursing home for one...

Joke me up before you go go

This is our brand new segment 'Joke me up before you go go' telling you a bunch of (dad) jokes before you go to work!