My journey


I started my journey into radio back in January 2017 at a local community radio station called PBAFM. I wasn't always planning to follow this path though as I only decided to follow this passion after long train rides made me changed my mind. It'll all make sense soon I'll start from the VERY beginning.

After graduating year 12 back in 2014 I wasn't sure what to do as a career. I was always interested in cinematography so I studied a 2 year course with one of my best friends from school. The course was in the city, so I took a 45 minute train ride in... Then another 45 train ride home at the end of that day. I never listened to music though on the train rides, I always listened to these two comedians that I've been following since Rove, Hamish & Andy.  Those guys are my idols, I own all their DVDS and I would podcast their radio show from the night before and listen on the train. I decided to do my own podcast and post it on YouTube. ( I only did about three but that was about it. It took me right up to towards the end of my second year in cinematography (2016) to realise "Hey, I wanna do radio". Listening to Hamish and Andy podcasts every day inspired me and listening to those two waffle on seemed like so much fun that I decided I want that same path!

I started up my own podcast called 'The Tom Aldred Show' which I mean was a lot of fun but it was actually hard work. I wasn't sure how to get into radio but I thought id start here. After a lot of thinking I dropped out of my cinematography course to pursue radio, as that was my focus. Long behold not long after another course popped up on my feed called the 'Jibba Jabba radio course'. It was pretty good timing thats for sure. I was hesitant, but I thought this is my goal and I must go out my comfort zone. I applied, went to my interview and got in. I still remembered the interview like it was yesterday... I rocked up late, not on purpose of course there was no bloody carparks. 

Jibba Jabba course was amazing I could never forget it. I learnt the ins and outs, the codes and basics of radio before eventually after about 2 months myself and about 3 other students in the class hosted a live show every Friday from 4:30-5pm. I mean it was only half an hour but it was a starting point and an amazing thrill. 

During that Jibba Jabba course I also wanted to expand my radio knowledge and did the 'Introduction to Radio' course at the Australian Radio School hosted by Triple Ms Sean Craig Murphy. The most fun I've had in years! I wish I could do that course with ALL those people again. I learnt so much and got mentored by so many great people. I graduated that and then did ANOTHER course at the Aus Radio School called 'Pure Announcing".. Once again, amazing. I met so many MORE amazing people in the industry like well... Sean himself, Hayden Naughton, Amos Gill and English Chris. 

Now going back to the Jibba Jabba course. That ended and I was spewin' because I loved doing a live show and I wanted to stay but I couldn't! I really wanted a position so I sent through an idea for a show and an air-check to the board at PBA asking for a show. The day I applied, someone on a Thursdays resigned and I got slotted straight in. I was extremely lucky. Timing was on my side. I got told the music I needed to play is rock and I need a show name. It took me days and days but I came up with the 'Rockathon'. Thats where it all began, I finally have my own show where I can work and improve myself. After every show I'll listen back and air check myself and find where I can improve on. The Rockathon program has helped me so much and I'm grateful PBA gave me the opportunity. 

Since getting into radio I've done amazing things. Celebrities to you may be actors or musicians however celebrities to me are people like Ryan Fitzgerald, Tim Blackwell, Hamish Blake & Andy Lee + more. I managed to get Fitzys email and I emailed him airchecks all the time and still do. After bugging Fitz I went over to Nova 969 in Sydney and hanged out with Fitzy & Wippa during one of their live shows! Best experience EVER. I couldn't believe my idols where standing right in front of me. Fan girled hard. They showed me how they run things at a commercial level, told me stories and gave me a pretty interesting tour of the big red building. 

I should also say I've been trying so many ways to promote my work and what I do. Sponsored facebook posts, business cards and posters but one way I took on board was stand up comedy. Sean from Australian Radio School emailed me once asking if I ever thought about doing it and I thought "Ummm... Nope" because honestly I haven't. It was until Sherina who at the time I only knew for maybe a week said the exact same thing! "Have you ever thought about doing stand up?". I thought gee am I really that funny? I took it into consideration and then went head with it and started writing jokes. Perfect time it was when the fringe was on. I went to an open mic night and I'll say... Didnt do too bad but I made sure my friends I bought laughed hard even If i wasnt that funny. My second, third, fourth times where awesome but my fith open mic night... bombed it. Shatted my confidence a little but you got to get back up! Then i went to Sydney (THis was the time I was seeing Fitzy & Wippa) and did an open mic night there and bang I was back like I never left! It's been a while, but I still do it here and there. I would love to do a full stand-up show. Maybe one day, never give up. 

I have recently scored new show called 'Tom & Sherina' which airs every Monday and I love doing it. I was over the moon when I got this time slot. My dream goal is either breakfast radio or drive. Don't get me wrong I love doing music shifts, but if i had a choice... We always come up with crazy ideas and content and it is so much fun! You must tune in! Just once on a Monday from 7am just once! Or podcast us! JUST AT LEAST ONCE!

Soon in November 2018 I'll be returning to Australian Radio School with Sean Craig Murphy to finish the Masterclass course which I can't wait for but I'll keep you posted!

Look I could probably write A LOT more, but you get the point. I love radio, and always will. I'll never stop trying to get a commercial position.